About Us

Started as an initiative in 1990, AGROLAND has now established itself in the last 25 years making it a name you can rely on in the real estate business. We provide various kinds of lands at the most afforable rates for our clientele and strive on excellence to succeed further.

Why buy a LAND?

- Everyone wants to own a plot of land, which they can call their OWN

- Any income earned from the use of land would be FREE of Income Tax in India (T&C)

- Any captial gains earned on subsequent sale of the land would be free of Income Tax in India (T&C)

- Agriculutal land can generate 3 types of income - PROFITS from sale of vegetables/fruits grown on the land, RENTAL income by letting out the land to a farmer or INCOME from any dwelling or house built on the agriculutral land on receipt.

- After registration, you will get TITLE PAPER & your NAME in 7x12

Why should one buy from AGROLAND?

- 25 years of experience to give the best and UNDISPUTED land at the most REASONABLE PRICE

- If one buys 1/2 Acre (approx. 22000 sq.ft), AGROLAND commits to make you a FARMER

- Our experience in farming, land leveling, fencing, wall compound etc gives buyer peace of mind

- We can arrange people to construct bunglows, villas etc as per rules and regulations and of YOUR choice

- Compare the rates of ANY other land selling companies. You will find our prices are most ECONOMICAL

- All our lands are situated as per law, not to attract ANY CAPTIAL GAIN tax when sold (T&C applied)

- Nominal Security charges: Rs. 0.25/sq.ft every month


(+91) 92233 41131


A/9, Anand Nagar, Forjet Street
Oppo, Bhatia Hospital, GrantRoad (West)
Mumbai 400 007